It all began on Wednesday a day of just driving around and exploring. I love going to Tuckertown Dam at High Rock Lake. As we had heavy rains the day before, the water was high and no water fowl around in the swiftly moving waters. I decided to just explore the area. During my drive, I found an osprey nest. The first nest I have found inland. I did photograph some nests down east on Pungo River a few years ago. But this was the first time seeing a nest in a man-made nesting platform standing tall in the field and even occupied by an osprey.

On Saturday, I grabbed my grandson, Jake, and tried to find the nest again so that I could photograph the osprey there. However, we could not find the right road. We did however, ended up at the main boat ramp and a nesting platform had been erected there. Not only was Mama osprey at the nest, her offspring was in the nest. Jake and I enjoyed watching mama osprey fly in and out of the nest and the chance to photograph them.